Our Mission


We started with a single mission, to provide homeowners with a truly differentiated, simple and affordable way to solarize their homes - made possible by an award-winning solar module manufacturer, affordable financing options and top-rated installation services.


Because we want to offer communities across America the ability to switch to solar in a manner that is simple to access, understand and implement. Our goal is to help consumers save money, increase the value of their home, reduce their carbon footprint and leave mother earth a safer and cleaner place for generations to come.


Our Value

ClaraSolé is truly differentiated in that we are the only solar company in the nation, to offer consumers a complete, fully and 100% backed by us, the manufacturer, affordable and easy to understand, solar and financing programs; top-tier installation services, and pre & post installation services, storage and maintenance. A complete one-stop-shop, delivering product direct from our plants, straight to the rooftops of homeowners all across America.