Our Process

There are 4 steps in the process of installing a solar panel system


Our Energy Consultants work real-time with you to gather information and provide a proposal:

  • Determine financing options - lease or purchase option
  • 12-month historical energy usage
  • Locate your site address via Google Image
  • Design your solar system based upon information specific to your home
  • Generate a proposal for your review and approval
  • Upon approval, provide you with all lease/loan documents plus a home improvement contract

    Our certified Solar Design Technicians will visit your home and conduct an initial inspection:

    • Roof condition and integrity
    • Orientation and surface area
    • Evaluate shade conditions
    • Measure and design the solar array
    • Your Energy Consultant will then present you with the design for your approval
    • We will assemble a unique solar energy system for your home, obtain all necessary permits, and complete the installation.

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      Upon all state and local approvals, one of our Authorized Certified Installers will contact you to arrange a time to meet to review your solar system installation schedule. Below is what you should expect:

      Due to some local inspection requirements, installations may require a two-day installation.

      DAY 1

      • Our installation team will install all of the racking and inverters
      • If required we will schedule local rough inspections

      DAY 2

      • Our installation team will install the solar system and monitoring
      • Commission and test the solar system
      • Upon completion, our installation team will schedule a final inspection and notify you of the inspection date

      You’re almost there!

      Due to some local inspection requirements, installations may require a two-day installation.

      • Shortly after your Solar System installation, we will receive the required Certificate of Approval from your municipality
      • We will file the final interconnection with your current utility company to release the net meter - this process may take 3 to 4 weeks or longer depending upon your utility company
      • We will contact you when it is time to activate your system – upon which time, monitoring will begin

      You have now joined the millions of Americans who have already made the switch to solar! Now you can start enjoying the many benefits of clean, renewable, solar energy AND save money!